Integrated Healing

I've been seeing Steve on and off for 3 years. Although I'm not on a regular schedule, I call as a last resort when I feel really beat up. I personally like Steves dry needling technique because dry needling provides relief almost instantaneously. Foam rolling, myofascial release and massage all take some time, but when Steve uses the dry needling technique he targets a muscle and gets it to release instantaneously.  Steve also uses electric stim and regular acupuncture to help with recovery. At first I was nervous, but Steve is very calm and accommodating and will make sure to keep you as comfortable as possible. I've been to other acupuncturists and truly believe Steve is the best. I also feel more at ease because Steve is a physical therapist as well!

-Mike Keleher, Strength and Conditioning Coach 
Crossfit Newtown​

Having injured myself at the age of 14 in a sports-related injury, I have tried numerous methods of pain management over the last 18 years and have been seeing Steve for acupuncture for the last 12 years. In that time, it has helped me increase my activity greatly. I am now a registered nurse and recently see Steve weekly for trigger point therapy for my chronic back pain, but have also had fantastic results with treating plantar fasciitis, allergies, and headaches. I look forward to my treatments with Steve, I know he'll do anything he can to help relieve any pain -- not to mention throwing in a few extra points for stress relief and relaxation!

-Jennifer Weed Registered Nurse,
RN, BSN Family Nurse Practitioner Student


I am a competitive powerlifter with several national and international competitions each year. Because of the competitions and my heavy work out schedule I frequently have muscle strains that at best hinder my workouts and at worst lead to a greater injury. The acupuncture sessions with Dr. Steve Pertes release the muscle tightness wherever it is and give me the ability to bring a greater level of intensity to my workouts.

-Gail Moore, 2015 USAPL Master Equipped World Champion, 2015 USAPL Master Classic World Champion​

It was such a joy to work with Steve this past off-season. He really seems to care about his patients, and he was always accommodating with his schedule. He is a true professional and I will definitely be working with him again in the future.

-Jenn Hoy, Chicago Red Stars, National Women's Soccer League

Acupuncture Physical Therapy